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Embassy of Bahrain celebrates its First National Day in New Delhi

Embassy of Bahrain celebrates
its First National Day in New Delhi
12th Dec,2007

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Republic of India in New Delhi celebrated the Kingdom’s National Day on Monday 17th December 2007 at Hotel Hyatt Regency . It was Bahrain’s first National Day Celebration in Delhi since the opening of the Embassy on 21st March 2007. The Kingdom’s National Day was a big event as it was attended by Arab Ambassadors and members of the Diplomatic Corps, besides High Ranking Indian Officials, friends and well wishers of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain and India have always enjoyed excellent and cordial relations for many and many hundreds of years. It is reported that initial contacts commenced at the time of the Indus Valley Civilization in India and Dilmun Civilization in Bahrain. Trade has always been quite intense between the two countries; especially that Bahrain was playing an active role in transit trade to and from the Gulf Region. For the last fifty years relations between India and Bahrain have touched new horizons. Trade has become quite intense between two countries. Many Indians are working in Bahrain and many Bahraini students are educated in Indian Universities.

His Highness Shaikh Isa Bin Salman AL-Khalifa the late Amir of the State of Bahrain visited India in 1981. His Highness also attended the Summit Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in New Delhi held in 1983, then in 2004 His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman AL-Khalifa the Prime Minister visited India. Soon after in March 2007 His Highness Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad AL-Khalifa Crown Prince and Commander in-Chief of the Bahrain Defense Force formally inaugurated the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Republic of India on 21 March 2007 during his official visit. Bahrain Speaker of the House of Representatives H.E. Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al- Dhahrani along with high ranking delegation visited India in November 2007. Many Indian Official as well as business delegations have visited Bahrain. His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa King of the Kingdom of Bahrain is very keen to further develop the good relations between Bahrain and India.

HE Mohamed Ghassan Shaikho the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Republic of India said “Bahrain and India are determined to elevate this cordial relationship to new and higher horizons. Both countries can rely on the advantageous edge of one another to further their development quest “.

“ Further developed relations between Bahrain and India relying on the advantageous edges of both of them as well as the love and friendship that have always enlightened our hearts and minds taking us to ever-elevating horizons of co-operation, mutual respect and admiration. I am honored to represent my country the Kingdom of Bahrain as its first Ambassador to the fraternal Republic of India” Ambassador Shaikho added.

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